Bright Monday Thoughts

For all the despair and doom-mongering around Ewood, I took partial comfort over weekend from the fact that there are other clubs in turmoil.

I am more interested in the ones below us in the table than anyone and while Wigan’s win compressed the bottom bunch even more, Villa and Birmingham are both doing poorly and even a couple of wins and a draw could do us yet.

And looking to those distantly above, what on earth have Man City got for their money? Not a lot on yesterday’s display.

Dzeko, along with similarly overpriced Torres and Carroll – not a PL goal between them yet! And we moan about Roberts, Kalinic, Rochina, Formica et al.

According to my friendlies schedule, only two more weekends without any local cricket although it doesn’t take much in the way of bad weather to call pre-season games off.

The World Cup is building up now to some highly dramatic knock-out stages and England will have to find a bit extra to beat Sri Lanka on their own patch. But all four quarter-finals look mouth-watering. Hopefully the sub-continent’s enthusiasm will help provide a more memorable climax than we got in the West Indiesast time out.

What’s happened to the production line of Caribbean cricketing titans? Their batsmen are ordinary, bowlers mediocre and their leadership is questionable. Sas.

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