Big Decision Before Darkest Hour Despatched

So in the end, Steve Kean’s departure, as welcome as it was, unfolded as messily, confused and bungled as his appointment in the first place and the accursed 22 months which followed it.

After a reported bust-up with the doltish Shebby Singh over team selection – imagine being a fly-on-the-wall to the sense talked between them two – Kean finally decided to walk, bringing a farcical curtain down on a week of dithering and dawdling from Venkys which began with a Press Release on Derek Shaw’s desk to announce his sacking; unbelievably, we are told developed with a direct plea from Kean’s wife to withdraw the sacking and ended with, first, a business-as-usual-as-it-can-be-at-Blackburn press conference before the bizarrely-timed and communicated denouement

Even Kean’s statement, issued to the Press Association via his lawyers, kept up his record of constantly talking unadulterated tripe as he simultaneously claimed his job was impossible to perform while claiming credit for any success which may ensue following his departure.

Mind you, what did you expect from a space case who thought we played well in every game last season and appeared to inhabit some hermetically-sealed intellectual gulag peopled by lobotomised sycophants who daily rushed from their homes to wax lyrical about the fayre provided at Ewood.

One almost imagines that folk around Brockhall ride round under brollies on bikes wearing blazers with white piping much like the populace of The Village in The Prisoner.

Kean received support of course too from some of his empty-head TV gobbledegook-spouting agency colleagues and from journalists too disinterested to conduct any basic research.

Thus we were told his children had been abused at their schools by angry Rovers supporters. This would be reprehensible and to be condemned were it not for the fact that it is patently fiction as his family are, and always have been, based in Surrey.

But hopefully, ludicrous “constructive dismissal” claims apart, we have heard the last of Kean – an inevitable slot on Soccer Saturday apart – and can look forward.

Look forward with some apprehension, one hastens to add.

Venkys, who have made one semi-sensible decision in two years (then failed to effect it) are still capable of the utmost idiocy in choosing a successor, particularly with a Global Director in charge who has about six weeks worth of working experience in English football to his name.

Shebby was said to have set the 17 points from seven games target which Kean failed to reach. In actual fact, every other club also failed to reach that target which tells you all you need to know about his grasp on footballing reality.

A proper board and executive would have a coherent strategy in place to find a succesor. Young, ambitious strategist? Experienced no-nonsense disciplinarian? Urbane overseas sophisticate with fresh ideas to bring?

The last thing we need is an unproven “big name” throwing himself at the job .

But you feel that Shebby and co have as much expertise to contribute to the process as any of us down the pub with our mates picking through a list of names over a few scoops…”Oh, yeah, I’ve heard of him….Yeah, he was a good player….he’ll be popular because he was a good player for us…”

This type of sentimentality reached its nadir when Chorley duo Garry Flitcroft and Matt Jansen were mentioned as possibles. Chorley are currently eighth in a league topped by Marine whose manager to my knowledge has not yet been mentioned as a candidate.

I have no idea who Venkys/Shebby will appoint so I am not getting over-excited about Kean’s removal until I see evidence that lessons have been learned.

After a shabby display against a poor Charlton outfit it was at least nice to listen to sensible, reasoned words from Eric Black. He seems a decent chap and it was refreshing not to almost begrudge our club’s manager any spoils that he would misinterpret and issue grandiose falsehoods about.

Many a club has appointed a caretaker after a couple of successes and lived to regret the decision. I hope Eric has a couple of successes but don’t see him as the answer.

Deadlines mean that this column had to be submitted before Black’s second difficult way game.

But I hope there is a decent crowd on against Wolves tomorrow without the constant poisonous simmering undercurrent of soon-to-be-unleashed rancour that has characterised and blighted the atmosphere since Kean completely lost any semblance of respect from the Ewood faithful.

I’m not one of those who believes a mythical missing 10,000 will suddenly return, certainly not for Championship football, but I am happy to be able to take my eight-year-old daughter in her new shirt and scarf tomorrow, a brand new Rovers fan who I hope will be able to experience the afternoon as something to be enjoyed and celebrated, not an occasion to be dreaded and rued as so often the case since December 2010.



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