Show Shebby & His Sycophants The Window

By Friday morning, a couple of Sports News presenters will have spontaneously combusted out of excitement, blokes outside several London clubs’ training grounds will have froze to death or died of boredom waiting for press releases to be emailed to their phones (at the precise same time everyone sat warm inside gets them) and ‘Arry Redknapp will have signed six players he vehemently denied any interest in an hour before to a bloke shoving a microphone thru his open car window.

Yes it’s coming up for the closure of the transfer window, that narrow aperture of adventure and opportunity which even Dean Windass managed to fit through a couple of times.

For Rovers this year’s experience is a strange one. Marooned in the lower middle reaches of the Championship and without Jerome Anderson sleeping at the training ground to line up deals to get the place “rocking” we are reduced to hoping no-one comes in for our “Premiership Stars” (Remember them?)” while attempting to tie up deals to bring journeymen such as Lee Williamson, Alex Baptiste and Scott Wiseman in.

And trying to tie-up a permanent deal for Colin Kazim-Richards, a man whose temperament and air of impermanence the concept “loan spell” might have been invented for.

And, get this for a real bonus, we might have chief Keano apologist Bradley Orr back making those strangely one-paced surges, a bit like a dog that’s got one arthritic hip chasing a tennis ball.

Still, after improved showings against Brighton and particularly Derby, Rovers fans have once again reverted to their default “crisis over, everything’s coming up roses,” standpoint and if we manage to win two rather appetising looking home games against Bristol City and Ipswich Town you can bet your life gaps between us and play-off spots will be enthusiastically calculated – the fact that other teams will accumulate points between now and the end of the season virtually dismissed out of hand.

Saturday’s opposition under the new management of Sean O’Driscoll have actually managed to win two league games back-to-back so it might not be quite the formality some are assuming.

We need to be a little realistic too, there was far too much elation after Berg’s first three games and the comedown after that was steep and painful.

But while many of us are sceptical about the enduring qualities of the likes of Morten Gamst Pederson and Danny Murphy, it has to be acknowledged that for a handful of Championship teams we have a bit too much know-how and experience.

The cup win against a young Derby side – great credit to Nigel Clough and Mike Appleton for fielding full-strength sides and respecting the FA Cup – was a case in point as our midfield for once overcame the kind of young whippersnappers who have on occasion given us the runaround

Richards and the dazzling Rhodes did what they are paid to do and buried their chances and there was an extraordinary goal from Scott Dann, another bafflingly rumoured to be coveted by bigger clubs, which was wonderful to behold but still leaves him considerably in debit with me until he sharpens up at the end of the field he earns his bread’n’butter at.

The “reward” of a tie at The Emirates wasn’t quite what I was hoping and could be a chastening experience but at least the performance augured well for coming league encounters in a packed February.

So with Appleton throwing Henning Berg’s ineptitude and unsuitability for the job in the first place into stark relief by instantly installing his own chosen back-room team, there should be little to spoil the atmosphere, right?

Well yes, but barely credibly, the ninnies of the Action Group have managed to come up with an “initiative” (everything’s an “initiative” or “raising awareness” isn’t it these days? We must be all be very unaware and lacking in self-motivation) to “Back The Badge” at …the next home game? Saturday?

Well, er, no the one after that, actually..

Evidently this will lead, they hope, to close on 20,000 turning up and “Show Venkys how it could be.”

Befuddled yet? I’m not surprised.

The day I need a bunch of unfocussed four-pint wonders telling me when it’s a good idea to spend my money supporting my hometown team, I’ll pack up going.

This from the same organisation that a fortnight ago said it would break off all communication with the board if Appleton was appointed.

Sling it, BRAG, your time is up.

Speaking of people coming to the end of their Ewood shelf life, this week also gave us the pathetic spectacle of a YouTube video of Shebby Singh doing a Q & A at the Rovers 100 Club dinner, talking his usual rubbish to an audience of the jeering oaf 10-bob millionaires who comprise this somewhat anachronistic collection of hangers-on.

Our Global Adviser is now, it seems, Barry Fry’s warm-up act.

It was as tawdry a 12-minute clip as you can imagine, utterly excruciating to watch and listen to and an embarrassment to the august establishment that is Blackburn Rovers Football Club.

With the first of his ludicrous Tapas six set to be booted out the exit door by Appleton this week, here’s hoping Shebby and his easily-impressed, fawning, sycophantic acolytes – remember the top table at King Georges when he was dissing MGP – are right behind him.




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