Never look back, walk tall, act fine and give us a Golden Year, Rovers

Let’s start the season with a little quiz. No googling.

Go on the Beeb website and look at the League One table, all currently listed neatly in alphabetical order.

When you get over the thrill of seeing us in an automatic promotion spot, try this little exercise.

Write down every club’s manager.

Then try writing down roundabout where they finished last season.

Next maybe have a stab at who was their best player last season and is he still there?

Finally, and this is where you can really stack points up at a mark each, write down any players each club has signed in the summer window.

I must admit had I not started monitoring the transfers daily from mid-June onwards, I wouldn’t have scored heavily.

Neither, I imagine, would many of the people currently proclaiming that Blackburn Rovers are about to sweep all before them triumphally as they parade untroubled to the League One title.

You can maybe multiply your final answers  by approximately how much you knew about Rovers’ summer signings before they landed here and a lot would still struggle to top the 100-point mark  the more extreme optimists are predicting.

Leonard Cohen used to deliver an onstage rap about how “I’ve tried Prozac, Ritalin, I’ve plunged into studying the great philosophies and mystic religions…but cheerfulness kept breaking through,” which amused me every time I saw him (a lot) over 30-odd years and it always reminded me of the indomitable human spirit of the football fan.

Although I will take some convincing about the nine month title procession, I find myself enjoying and if not  falling in with the (possibly insanely) positive attitude of those expecting the 100-point stroll, preferring the outlook to the utterly miserabilist doom-mongering Jeremiahs who foresaw administration, another relegation and re-forming as a Phoenix club ground-sharing with Mill Hill St Peters as an inevitable consequence of relegation in May.

That’s not to say that the prophets of Stygian gloom won’t necessarily turn out to be exactly right. I just reserve the right not to subscribe to their fear-laden rhetoric for a bit along the way as I continue to enjoy going more than I’d enjoy not going.

This season  represents the 50th anniversary of the autumn when I got completely hooked on football. I rolled up at Ewood in August of 1967 just about keen enough for my dad not to have to drag me there and something magical happened in the ensuing weeks.

I vividly remember by Bonfire Night that year having my dad and granddad test me, as the last embers of our fire glowed in the garden in Feniscowles, on every one of the 92 league clubs they could recall… manager, kit, name of ground….I bet I did better than most of you do with the League One quiz we nosed off with.

Despite the fact that our fall from the Premier League years has been long and vertiginous, I dearly want my kids to experience that feeling I felt, after what seemed at that age very long years of disappointment and mediocrity, as a 16-year-old in ’75 and again five years later, of seeing your team actually win something which every other side you played that season wanted to win so much too.

There can, in all likelihood these days, never be scenes like there were at Port Vale under Lee or  Gigg Lane under Kendall (or at Ewood when triumphant Bolton invaded two years before) – modern stadium H & S restrictions and ticketing prevent that ever happening again and in any case most of the local away games at which a big following is likely (how cynical and opportunistic is that “another fiver, please” 1875 Club rubbish?) take place in the first half of the season or shortly thereafter.

On the plus side for the first time in a long while we have a manager who’s popular with the fans, has some pedigree, is respected by most in football and seemingly able, unlike the chip-on-both-shoulders Lambert and the inane, inept Coyle, to manipulate our absentee owners into enough support to ensure he doesn’t, like most of his predecessors, guarantee making an utter buffoon of himself.

It’s as well that Rovers have almost certainly been the biggest spenders in the Third Tier this season. I rather expect there WILL be a couple of departures and a possible net profit  but that doesn’t alter the fact that no-one, absolutely none of our competitors, has acquired players costing what, say, Dack and Samuel have cost,

Practically everyone else is operating on frees and loans – which to me refutes the argument that Mowbray and Mark Venus could not be held responsible for leaving Coventry bottom of the pile as they had no funds to work with.

Let’s hope the truism that all managers get better when they have more money to spend holds true.

It’s obvious looking at the list below that plenty of managers and clubs have been highly active in the market and a few will be fancying it a bit themselves. Charlton and Bradford look to have done decent business.

Others like Bury – whose ambition and purchasing power may surprise one or two – Northampton and Shrewsbury have recruited in large numbers but are very much an unknown quantity. Who knows how good guys they have signed or borrowed are?

Who knows how good all ours are/will be?

The signings themselves have been encouraging on two fronts.

One, Mowbray has clearly identified that the midfield he inherited was crushingly dysfunctional and laboured, neither destructive in stopping the opposition having largely their own way for long periods nor creative enough to supply quality strikers like Graham and the departed Sam Gallagher with sufficient chances to win enough games.

I’m not a big stats fan but Whittingham’s show that the fella actually PLAYS GAMES, as in lots of them.  Never less than 32 a season in the last ten years. Compare that with the like of Guthrie and Corry Evans. I’ll be very surprised if he isn’t a positive addition.

He also contributes a fair portion of goals, almost a lost Ewood art, as does Dack who had a  splendid campaign for Gillingham in 2015-16, rather less so last season which was hopefully down to that undefinable yearning to be elsewhere young players who’ve been denied one big move are sometimes consumed by (See Rhodes, Gestede).

I expect double figures plus dscf1101from him if he lives up to his billing – and fee!

Smallwood, Gladwin, Samuel, Nuttall, Caddis..possibly not names to get the pulses racing and as I seldom bother with friendlies I can’t proffer an opinion. But neither possibly were Hawkins, Beamish, Hickman, Oates, Burgin, Hoy and Mullen on the occasion of our first promotion from this level, nor Crawford, Arnold and Branagan second time.

And there’s a great lesson of patience to be learned from those promotions of yesteryear. I’ve heard more than once “a good start is essential.”

Gordon Lee’s team had just that, hit the top two in the first week of October and were never subsequently out of it.

Howard Kendall’s baptism in management saw just two wins, none of them at home, in the first 12 games. It is unthinkable that he’d survive under today’s prevailing entitled, social-media-fury conditions. In mid-January 1980 Rovers, even after the first win of a run which transformed the season, lay 14th.

So whether we are 3-0 up at Roots Hall after an hour on Saturday or 3-0 down it won’t necessarily augur with certainty the pattern of the season. We all watched a side last season go four up in 20 minutes and acclaimed them Championship title certainties.

Coincidentally, Sheffield United are currently coveting The Shrimps’ Player of the Year from last season Ryan Leonard (five bonus points if you got him!) in much the same way they are testing the waters over Darragh Lenihan, like Charlie Mulgrew certain to attract interest not only this week but through to the end of August.

Danny Graham is another who will come onto the radar of championship outfits struggling for goals early on if he continues his pre-season form.

But Mowbray will continue his search for additions too, whether we armchair sports news watchers are fully conversant with their pedigree or not. Surely nobody feels we are the finished article, particularly if one or more of that trio depart.

Even if you didn’t know there were able managers at this level such as Darren Ferguson, Lee Clark, Uwe Rosler, John Sheridan, Kenny Jackett, Keith Hill and Phil Brown (2 points apiece) operating, even if you don’t know who’s signed Michael Kightly, David Ball, Brett Pitman, Steven Taylor, Chris Maguire, James Henry or Chris Long (don’t panic they’ve all gone to different clubs not the same one), expecting a procession seems fanciful.

It’ll be a slog at times, with dollops of Checkatrade nonsense thrown in, even if we make no progress in the two authentic cup competitions.

As ever, I hope we extend our fixture list by progressing in those, starting on Mowbray’s old manor at Coventry next week, but I will be slightly more forgiving than I have been in the past if we don’t, although I can never understand not giving your first choice XI a free chance to blend together in the first 72 hours of the campaign.

There’ll be hard days and dark, cold nights against opposition even less glamorous and attractive than we have got used to over the last half-decade. It’s the Third Division because the players and teams and possibly the managers aren’t as good as they are in the Premier League and The Championship.

The gates are lower and the grounds aren’t generally as good – there’ll be midweek drudgery with the away end (and possibly vast home sections) sparsely populated although you will be spared the delights of the likes of Haig Avenue, The Shay and Layer Road of yore, or Torquay fetching about enough to fill one-and-a-half minibuses.

But it’s what we do. Turn up. I have far fewer winters ahead of me than behind me and as long as I can get there and there’s one or two prepared to meet up for a pint and sit it out, I’ll carry on in the hope that fortunes turn.

Maybe this year, every year, that’s football fans.

I hope all Rovers fans, whether incurably romantic, cynically miserable or irascibly angry and raging at our plight, find much to enjoy between now and May.

Surely no-one on Saturday will have as unfortunate a day as I had on my last visit to Roots Hall in February 1980 when, having travelled by train for our game, a couple of lunchtime pints before emerging into a cruel seaside wind without wearing  a vest occasioned me a slight chill on my kidneys which I could only assuage by means of a visit to the gents….precisely as little Andy Crawford was striking our winner home in a customary Kendall-era 1-0 win.


*If anyone would like to listen to my four-part account of Howard Kendall’s Ewood tenure, which of course began with our last Third division promotion campaign, through the eyes of a fan, you can hear it on the, read impeccably, mercifully not by me in my Grimshaw Park/Lower Audley accent, unchanged from the 1960’s, but by the estimable and loquacious Ian Herbert, sometime Old Blackburnian of this column, who makes me sound far more articulate than I could ever hope to be.

You’ll find it on the Football Messageboard section with thanks to Ian, Glenn Pegeden and Kamy who considered it a worthwhile undertaking.





League one signings
AFC Wimbledon (Neal Ardley)

Kwesi Appiah.CF. Crystal Palace. Free

Demi Oshilaja. DF. Cardiff. Free

Cody McDonald. CF. Gillingham. Free

George Long. Gk. Sheff Utd. Season Loan

Jimmy Abdou. MF. Millwall. Loan

Liam Trotter. MF. Bolton. Free

Blackburn Rovers (Tony Mowbray)

Peter Whittingham. MF. Cardiff. Free

Richie Smallwood. MF. Rotherham. Free

Bradley Dack. MF. Gillingham. £750,000

Ben Gladwin. MF. QPR. Und

Dominic Samuel. CF. Reading. Und

Paul Caddis. RB. Birmingham. Free

Joe Nuttall. CF. Aberdeen. Free

Jayson Leutmeiler. GK. Shrewsbury. Und 

Blackpool ( Gary Bowyer)

Curtis Tilt. DF. Wrexham. Free

Peter Hartley. DF. Bristol Rovers. Free

Olly Turton. FB. Crewe. Free

Max Clayton. Forward. Bolton. Free

Nick Anderton FB. Barrow. Und

Jimmy Ryan. MF. Fleetwood. Free

Ryan Allsop. GK. Bournemouth. Loan

Callum Cooke. MF. Middlesbrough. Loan.

Christopher Mafoumbi. GK. Free State Stars South Africa). Free

Sean Longstaff. MF. Newcastle. Loan.

Viv Solomon-Otabor. MF. Birmingham. Loan.

Bradford City (Stuart McCall)

Adam Chicksen. FB. Charlton. Free

Paul Taylor. Forward. Peterborough. Free

Dominic Poleon. Forward. AFC WImbledon. Und

Shay McCartan. Forward. Acc Stanley. Und

Jake Reeves. MF. Wimbledon. Und

Alex Gillead. Winger. Newcastle. Loan

Bristol Rovers (Darrell Clarke)

Liam Sercombe. MF.Oxford. Und

Sam Slocombe. GK. Blackpool. Free

Adam Smith. GK. Northampton. Free.

Marc Bola. LB. Arsenal. Loan

Tom Nichols. CF. Peterborough. Undisclosed.

Tom Broadbent. DF. Unattached.

Bury (Lee Clarke)

Jermaine Beckford. Cf. PNE. Free

Phil Edwards. RB. Burton. Free

Stephen Dawson. MF. Scunthorpe. Free

Callum Reilly.MF. Burton. Free.

Adam Thompson. CB. Southend.Free

Joe Skarz. DF. Oxford.Free

Eoghan O’Connell. DF. Celtic. Free

Jay O’Shea. MF. Chesterfield. Free

Chris Humphrey. Winger. Hibs. Free

Tom Aldred. FB. Blackpool. Free

Tom Heardman. CF. Newcastle. Loan

Nicky Ajose. CF  Charlton. Loan

Chris Maguire. MF. Oxford. Und

Alex Whitmore. DF. Burnley. Loan

Chris Sang. Striker. Wigan. Free

Charlton Athletic (Karl Robinson) 

Billy Clarke. CF. Bradford. Und

Mark Marshall. Winger. Bradford. Free

Tarique Fosu. MF. Reading. Free

Jay Dasilva. FB. Chelsea. Loan.

Doncaster Rovers ( Darren Ferguson) 

Niall Mason. Mid. A Villa. Und.

Danny Andrew FB. Grimsby. Free

Alex Kiwomya. Forward. Chelsea. Free

Ben Whiteman. MF. Sheff Utd. Free

Issam Ben Khemis. MF. Lorient. Free

Rodney Kongolo. MF. Manchester City. Loan. 

Fleetwood Town (Uwe Rosler)

Kyle Dempsey. MF. Huddersfield. Und

Harvey Rodgers. DF. Hull. Free

Conor McAleny. Striker. Everton. Free

Lewie Coyle. RB. Leeds. Season loan

Aiden O’Neill. MF.  Burnley. Loan. 

Gillingham (Ady Pennock)

Alex Lacey. CB. Yeovil. Free.

Luke O’Neill. DF. Southend. Free

Gabriel Kakuani. CD Northampton. Free

Tom Eaves. CF. Yeovil. Free

Conor Wilkinson. CF. Bolton. Und.

Conor Ogilvie. DF. Tottenham. Loan.

Billy Bingham. MF. Crewe. Free

Liam Nash. CF. Maldon & Tiptree. Free

MK Dons (Robbie Neilson)

Conor McGrandles. MF. Norwich. Free

Ousseynou Cisse. MF. Tours. Und

Ethan Ebanks-Landell. CB. Wolves. Loan

Gboly Ariyibi. Winger. Notts Forest. Loan.

Ryan Seager. CF. Southampton. Loan.

Northampton Town (Justin Edinburgh) 

George Smith. LB. Gateshead. Und.

Sam Foley. MF. Port Vale. Free.

Leon Barnett.Df.Bury.Free

Billy Waters. CF. Cheltenham. Und

Dean Bowditch. Forward. MK Dons. Free

Yasser Kareem. MF.

Regan Poole DF. Man United. Loan.

Matt Crooks. MF. Rangers. Und

Aaron Pierre. CB. Wycombe. Free

Chris Long. CF. Burnley. Loan

Oldham Athletic (John Sheridan) 

Dan Gardner. MF.Chesterfield. Free

Craig Davies CF. Scunthorpe. Free

Rob Hunt. DF. Brighton. Und

Courtney Duffus. CF. Everton. Und

Oxford United (Pep Clotet)

Scott Shearer. GK. Mansfield. Free

Charlie Raglan. DF. Chesterfield. Free

Fiacre Kelleher. DF. Celtic. Free

Jonathan Obika. CF. Swindon. Free

James Henry. MF. Wolves. Free

Xemi. MF. Barcelona. Free

Mike Williamson. CB. Wolves. Free

Jack Payne. MF. Huddersfield. Loan

Ricardinho. DF. Habana FK. Free

Peterborough United (Grant McCann)

Jordan Tibbetts. GK. Birmingham. Free

Jonathan Bond. GK. Reading. Six month loan

Jack Marriott. CF. Luton. Und

Michael Doughty. MF. QPR. Und

Alex Penny. DF. Nuneaton. Und

Steven Taylor. CB. Ipswich. Free

Idris Kanu. MF. Aldershot. Und. 

Plymouth Argyle ( Derek Adams) 

Lionel Ainsworth. Winger. Motherwell.Free

Ruben Lameiras. MF. Coventry. Free

Ryan Edwards. DF. Morecambe. Und

Jamie Ness. MF. Plymouth. Free

Robert te Loeke. GK. Achilles 29(Holland). Free

Gregg Wylde. Winger. Millwall. Free

Aaron Taylor. -Sinclair. LB. Doncaster. Free

Portsmouth (Kenny Jackett)

Nathan Thompson. DF. Swindon. Free

Luke McGhee. GK. Spurs. Free

Brett Pitman. CF. Ipswich. Free

Rochdale (Keith Hill) 

Reece Brown.CD. Bury. Free

Jordan Williams. MF. Barrow. £100,000

Brendan Moore. GK. Torquay. Free

Brad Inman. MF. Peterborough. Season loan

Kgosi Ntihe. DF. Stevenage. Free

Matt Done. RW. Sheff Utd. Free

Rotherham United (Paul Warne) 

MIchael Ihiekwe. CD. Tranmere. Free

Darren Potter. MF. MK Dons. Free

Ryan Williams. MF. Barnsley. Free

David Ball. Forward. Fleetwood. Free

Jamie Proctor MF. Bolton. Und

Kieffer Moore. CF. Ipswich. Loan

Josh Emmanuel. Df.  Rotherham. loan

Scunthorpe United (Graham Alexander) 

Cameron Burgess. Fulham. CD Und

Matt Gilks. GK. Wigan. Free

Rory McArdle. CB. Bradford. Free

Funso Ojo. MF. Willem II. Free

Devonte Redmond. MF. Man Utd. Loan.

Shrewsbury Town (Paul Hurst)

Craig McGilvray .GK. Walsall. Loan

Arthur Gnahoua. CF. Kidderminster. Free

Lenell John-Lewis. CF. Newport. Free

Jon Nolan. MF. Chesterfield. Und

Zak Jules. DF. Reading. Free

Ebou Adams. DF Norwich. Loan till Jan.

Daniel James. Winger. Swansea. Season loan.

Dean Henderson. GK. Man Utd. Loan.

Carlton Morris. Striker. Norwich. Loan

James Bolton. RB. Gateshead. Und

Niall Ennis. CF. Wolves. Loan

Southend United (Phil Brown) 

Stephen Hendrie. LB. West Ham. Free

Michael Turner. DF. Norwich. Free

Michael Kightly. MF. Burnley. Free

Amouda Ba. CF. Unattached. 

Rob Kieran. FB. Rangers. Und

Walsall (Jon Whitney) 

Luke Leahy. LB. Falkirk. Free

Jon Guthrie. DF. Crewe. Free

Mark Gillespie. GK. Carlisle. Free

Nicky Devlin. RB. Ayr Utd. Free

James Wilson. DF. Sheff Utd. Loan

Wigan Athletic (Paul Cook)

Cheyenne Dunkley. DF. Oxford. Free

Terell Thomas. DF. Charlton. Free

Gavin Massey. CF. Orient. Free

Christian Walton. GK. Brighton. Loan

Lee Evans. MF. Wolves. Loan

Callum Elder. DF. Leicester. Loan.

Ivan Toney. CF. Newcastle. Loan 

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13 Responses to Never look back, walk tall, act fine and give us a Golden Year, Rovers

  1. Paul Burke says:

    You’ve set the bar high already this season, Jim, nice one. I look forward to reading your post-promotion celebratory piece in April (I would have said March, but that would be pushing it)!

  2. boboftheeworld says:

    Whilst I appreciate you’ve been round the block a bit, please spare us the superfan driven patronising drivel about how this league is going to be for us, we know, we’ve got televisions, I personally have seen all them dark years and have certainly driven further than you, seen us ship more goals, on far colder nights than you, got wetter than you and got home later than you, so don’t come that attitude with me. Livesey? Lower Audley? Come on Jim, don’t give us Blackburn eh? Preston boy!!!!!!!

  3. roverschat says:

    Really good article!

  4. Jim Standing says:

    Brilliant article Jim both thought provoking and incisive. Really looking forward to the new season and fingers crossed the feel good factor may return once again.

  5. SteveChorley says:

    Great to have you back BEB – especially with this magnum opus as we say in Chorley. Really looking forward to your regular blogs throughout the coming season. My good wife and I are having an extended romantic weekend, starting tomorrow, which by pure chance happens to include calling in at Southend on Saturday and Coventry the following Tuesday! Good luck to you, and to all Rovers fans, for the coming season.

    • blueyedboy says:

      You sound well organised. I was desperately hoping Southend wouldn’t be First up as we have a weekend in Nottingham. Best I can hope for is a bit of T20 at Trent Bridge. I dearly wanted to combine Southend with a hop to Canvey Island & see some Dr Feelgood “Oil City” landmarks
      Ironically we will probably be visiting a poorly relative nest Coventry on the way back
      Bad planning!
      Many thanks indeed for the kind comments on the blog it really makes it a pleasure writing it when it gets a good response
      Here’s to an automatic promotion and plenty of adventures on the road in the months ahead!

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